The Perfect Place To Grab A Drink Near Grand Central

Meeting a friend or colleague near Grand Central Station can be tricky.  Yes, it’s a super convenient spot to meet for many, because of all the trains and subway lines, it’s also in a weird part of town.  While there are a few nice options to drink within Grand Central itself, they certainly don’t lend themselves to every situation.  Case in point: The Oyster Bar is loud and crowded and it’s impossible to carry on any kind of conversation, while The Campbell Apartment will set you back a week’s worth of groceries for one round of drinks.

That’s whey I’m delighted to share with you a spot I cam across which is right in the area, classy, quiet, and perfect for both entertaining a client or catching up with a friend in from Westchester (hence the train station;-)  Davio’s is located right on 45th and Lexington, and offers a full service bar, terrace with a beautiful breeze (and view!), and of course, delicious Italian fare.

I recently attended a wine tasting event there, and snapped a few photos for you to get the gist of this perfect Midtown East spot.  Cheers to trains and tonics!

Davios447 Lexington Avenue New York, New York  10017 | 212.661.4810

p.s. Davio’s also offers a gluten-free menu, and a build your own bloody mary brunch!


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