The Perfect Subscription Service For New Yorkers Featuring Experiences, Not Things

Are you guys fans of subscription services?  I am a member of a monthly stationary service, simply because I LOVE sending (and receiving;-) snail mail…and I was a former member of a monthly beauty product service, until I realized I had a million little sample sized perfumes and face creams scattered around my bathroom, then decided it wasn’t worth the clutter.  Because really, if you don’t put the stuff to good use on a consistent basis, it all becomes clutter, correct?

Enter the subscription service for New Yorkers.  Around the Blox is the perfect monthly subscription for people who want to subscribe to experiences, not things.  Every month, you’ll receive a box with 4 tickets in it, one for a meal at a restaurant, one for a cocktail at a hip bar, one for an exciting show, and one for fun activity…all happening right here in NYC.  Fun, right?  Right:-)

To give you an example of what you can expect in your Box (Blox?), I received my first box in May with the following tickets:

-An entree at Bespoke Kitchen, to be redeemed Sunday through Wednesday

-A workout at Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp

-A comedy show + drink at The Standing Room

-A ticket to the off-Broadway show “Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man” + drink

A subscription for one (perfect if you’re comfortable going to places solo or inviting friends to pay their own way) is $115 a month, and a subscription for two is $210.  There is no minimum commitment, and you can cancel anytime.  {Do note, much like any other type of discount service, it’s still expected that you will tip on the full amount at these places.  Also, the vouchers are flexible with dates but MUST be used in the month they are sent, so plan accordingly!}  We are super excited to be offering our readers a discount on their first Blox!  When ordering, submit code USEDYORKCITY for 60% off!

The Blox is a fabulous way to have new experiences curated for you and sent each month, taking the guess work out of “what should I do/drink/see/eat this month?”  And as you all know, our mantra at Used York City is to encourage you use your city to find inspiration in the little things, every single day, so obviously Around The Blox is a subscription service we can totally get behind.  Not to mention, not having stuff clutter our apartment is a total plus, too;-)

Would love to know…what kind of experiences would you like to see in a future Blox?  Share below!


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