The Pink Issue At Fashion Institute Of Technology

Ladies (and gents) of New York: If the memory of your childhood Barbie Dreamhouse still sends delighted tingles down your spine, you absolutely won’t want to miss The Pink Issue at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Life sized Barbie Couture, anyone?


My girlfriend and I happened past this exhibit over the weekend, and were immediately sucked in by the epic amounts of cotton-candy colored pink that adorned the display windows.  Ever the girlie-girls, we had to pop in for a peak.

The free exhibit features life-size Barbie and Ken fashions created by FIT students.  The couture was created out of non-traditional materials, such as recycled rubber and candy wrappers.  Pair of heels crafted from ShopRite brand soda cans?  Sign me up!


Fancy Footwear


Moving along the installation, you also get a peak into new additions to the legendary Barbie Dreamhouse.


Barbie Bubble Bath!


I loved how the students put Ken into a new light.  Notoriously known as arm-candy for Barbie, Ken is now morphed into an independent spirit: Professor Ken, Fashion Industry Ken, and my personal favorite, Blogger Ken.  Truly proof that, as long as you don’t mind a whole lotta pink, Barbie-inspiration knows no age-limit or gender.


The Pink Issue

WHERE: Fashion Institute of Technology
Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center, D Building
Corner of 7th Avenue and 27th Street
New York, New York
WHEN: Exhibit is ongoing until September 3rd, 2012

By: Jessica Tiare Bowen



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