The Very Best Travel Mug For Your NYC Commute!


Have you guys heard of the lttl tumbler?  It’s the world’s first travel mug with 360˚ cup-like sipping and truly easy cleaning, i.e. the PERFECT tumbler for New Yorkers on the go!

Designed here in NYC (dare I say with fellow city dwellers in mind?), the lttl tumbler is unique from other on-the-go cups in that instead of a lid that goes on top, it has a stopper which fits down inside the tumbler so you can drink directly from the edge of the vessel – just like a normal cup.  Basically, this means that when you’re on the subway grinding out your morning commute, you don’t have to blearily look down to locate the sipping portion of your cup, because the lttl tumbler allows you to sip naturally from any side, without any splashing or overflow.  So yes…you can now drink coffee with your eyes closed.  And as you can probably imagine, the all-around aroma venting allows full-sensory enjoyment of your favorite brew, which is another huge perk for underground commuting.

The creators of the lttl tumbler, Matt and Gaz, started their design firm Impel Studio right here in NYC 4 years ago, and this is their first product launch.  They just launched a Kickstarter campaign a few days ago, and for less than the price of a travel mug at Starbucks, you can both support this fabulous indie venture AND get your very own lttl tumbler.  For an easy gift idea, buy a few, stuff them with a bag of locally brewed NYC coffee beans (Brooklyn Roasting Company, anyone?), wrap it with a bow, and voila!  Holiday shopping, DONE.  Shopping small, shopping local, and gifting an actual useful gift that won’t be stuffed at the back of a closet or returned.  Win/win, my coffee loving friends!  Get your adorable lttl tumbler here, and join me in raising a cuppa joe to these innovative locals.  Bravo, guys!unnamed-20

Which color is your favorite?  (I’m blush, all the way!)

p.s. in case you missed it, 10 NYC coffee shops to fill up your lttl tumbler at, and how this product aligns with my efforts to reduce my carbon footprint, a “lttl” bit at a time.