Throw Back Margaritas At This Williamsburg Speakeasy

Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for everything concerning the 1920’s, but I ADORE speakeasies.  And the more hush hush, the better, in my humble opinion.  So when I heard whisperings about a new spot that opened in Williamsburg in the back of a laundromat posing as a Mexican deli, I totally took the trek out to Brooklyn to check it out.

La Milagrosa (The Miraculous), is accessed through a freezer door by telephone number reservation only, and is an intimate agave bar and listening room, featuring a selection of mezcal and tequila beverages and a notable, high-fidelity sound system.  The cocktails are curated to these two particular liquors, so you bet they make a killer margarita.  (Hola, Cinco de Mayo!)  I enjoyed the Margarita Jamaica (house infused and brewed hibiscus tea, Cointreau, orange bitters and fresh lime), as it put a unique spin on a classic drink.

Although small and intimate, don’t go expecting any of the hushed tones and cozy sunken couches sometimes associated with speakeasies (Raine’s Law Room, I’m looking at you!)  This is much more of a millennial speakeasy feel–meaning, if Girls was doing another season, I’m certain they’d shoot a scene here, filled with lots of messy tequila moments.

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