Tips For Decorating Your Tiny Space

Today we’re delighted to be teaming up with the folks from Private Property to give you tips on how to decorate your tiny space. Whether you live in a NYC studio or a tiny bungalow on the beach, we realize how precious your space is, and learning to utilize it to your best advantage is key.

Below, find five tips for decorating your tiny space, wherever you may be!

Invest In Furniture That Doubles As Storage

Any and every New Yorker will probably tell you that the biggest thing they lack in their apartment is storage. Closets can hardly contain clothes, let alone extra bedding and a pair of golf clubs! For this reason, search for furniture that doubles as storage. Whether this is a coffee table with hidden storage inside for extra blankets, a bed that houses drawers underneath for your bulky winter sweaters, or a dining room table with discreet drawers for utensils, every little bit certainly helps.

Consider Furniture That Folds Up

If there’s furniture that you won’t be using every day, consider getting something that can be tucked away until you actually do need to use it. For example, you probably don’t have overnight guests all the time, but when you do have them, that fold-out couch sure comes in handy, right? And perhaps you don’t need six chairs lodged around your kitchen table if it’s only you and your husband eating together most nights. But, for times when you’re hosting people over for a meal, sliding chairs from their folded position underneath the bed and setting them up is easy as pie!

Hang Mirrors

Especially in NYC, natural light in apartments can feel very scarce. Mirrors will help make the most of any natural light you are getting by bouncing it around the room. The reflections will also give the illusion that the space is bigger than it really is. A mirror of any shape or size is definitely a decorating piece that is an overall win/win.

Hide Electronics (and Clutter!)

While there are certain things that are hard to imagine life without (a blender, your laptop, and your hairdryer), there’s no real reason that all of these things have to take up precious counter space by being left lying around all the time. Even if you use them daily, the simple habit of taking them out and putting them back into a cupboard or closet only takes a few seconds, really. Same goes for things that tend to make up daily clutter, such as your work purse/bag, your shoes, and jacket. Make it a routine to put things back after use, and you’ll soon realize how much nicer your home looks.

Define Spaces In Your Home With Rugs

Even if you reside in a one-room studio, you can still utilize rugs to give different areas in your space different meanings–“zones”, if you will. For example, you could place a big rug where your couch and seating area is, zoning it as the “living room”; a smaller rug at the foot of your bed, zoning it the “bedroom”; and another rug under the small table and chairs you use as the “dining room”.

Small-space living has so many benefits (less to tidy up, more time to focus on activities outside of the house, and less money needed to spend on furnishings and decor–to name a few!). Whether you’re cozied up in NYC or are looking for property for sale in Cape Town, we hope these tips for decorating your tiny space come in handy!