Tips On Choosing The Right Wall Decor For Your NYC Apartment

In order to change your home, it’s not necessary to change furniture or start a major overhaul. Sometimes, it’s enough to change the wall décor of your dwelling to get a renovated look. However, the selection of appropriate décor for the walls can be a challenge in some cases and can make you rack your brains. We offer you some tips, which will help in the choice of decorations for your home.   

What You Need to Take into Account While Choosing Wall Art

Before buying a certain decoration for your home, you, first of all, need to consider the space of the room you want to hang it in. Try to turn on your imagination and see how, for example, a huge painting will look in this particular room. You may even try to do that with the help of special computer programs.   

After making up your mind as to the size of the wall art, take into account the style of the room. The style of the wall decoration needs to be harmonious with the room design. For example, if your dwelling is decorated in high-tech style, it’s better to use abstract prints or paintings of the cityscapes. And, if you have chosen a boho chic design, it’s better to use bright accessories and paintings in golden frames.    

A genre of the wall decoration also needs to be conformed with the genre of the room, especially if you have a thematic design. For example, if your room is made in African style, it will be inappropriate to use cityscapes, which, in their turn, are one of the best home office ideas for your NYC studio apartment.  

{A New York City Print}

In addition, the art in any room of your house needs to be to your liking. If you don’t enjoy looking at a certain picture, it’s better not to hang it in your house and continue the search, even if it suits your interior design in style, color scheme and size. 

Wall Décor Coloring: How to Choose the Appropriate Color Palette for Wall Art

There are two ways about this: you can either choose wall decorations in the harmonious color palette with your room or, vice versa (although assuming you have the bulk of your furniture already, it’s probably simpler and cheaper to fit the wall decor to your room!) If you decide that the wall décor needs to look harmonious with the rest of the room, choose the colors, which are well combined. For example, if you have light yellow walls, a wall art in green or peach shades will look organic in the room décor. It’s also good if the decorations contain, at least, a small piece of the general room color.  

{A Print in Peach and Yellow Shades}

If you want the wall art to stand out and for it to be a focal point in the room, choose the pieces in the colors contrasting to the color of the walls. If you have green walls, choose the décor in red or orange colors and if the walls are light blue, give preference to bright rose or magenta colors for decorative elements. However, it’s important not to overdo. The combination of too many colors and shades will look flashy and cluttered.  

If you have beige, white, or other neutral colored walls, you will have no problems in choosing paintings, posters or any other type of wall art. These colors are well-combined with all the others, that’s why even an artwork made with all the colors of a rainbow will look great.  

{A Colorful Vintage Print}

Poster Printing vs. Paintings: Which Is Better?

Paintings and posters are the two basic ways to decorate walls of any room and you may wonder which is better and what will suit your interior design better. Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of wall art.

Poster printing is very popular nowadays. Its main advantage over painted art is the democratic price as almost everyone is able to buy a poster. You may print posters featuring everything, from your family photos to reproductions of famous artworks. Moreover, they are available in many sizes and finishes and you are free to choose the ones which suit your interior design. The main minus of a mass produced bought poster is that it’s not unique. The exception is a poster printed from your custom images.   

{A Painting Reproduction Print}

A painting is a unique piece of art and if you choose it for your interior design, it’s hardly possible that someone will have the same picture. Paintings look really great and all your guests will definitely highly estimate your love of art. The main disadvantage is the price. Paintings usually cost much more than posters and that’s why not everyone can afford buying them. Moreover, there are not always various size options for them.   

So, by remembering our simple pieces of advice, you will make the process of choosing decorations for your home easier and you will definitely have excellent results. Don’t forget that besides suiting all the necessary criteria, any kind of wall decoration needs to be to your liking.

By: Andrew White   


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