Top 10 NYC Holiday Snacks To TreatYoSelf With!


Today we’re delighted to welcome to the blog the dynamic duo behind the blog and Instagram account, @artsandfood_nyc!  They shared with us their top 10 spots to #treatyoself with holiday goodies in NYC.  Get ready to drool!;-)

We’ll be taking a break for the holidays, but will be back the first week in January with fresh new content (the most affordable gyms in NYC, anyone?!) Thank you so much for following along on the blog this year…you guys are truly the best! xo!

No Chewing Allowed

Do you solemnly swear not to chew this chocolate truffle? If so, No Chewing Allowed is just for you! We consider this the best hot chocolate that NYC has to offer. Drink fast, as it’s only available during the holiday season. They pair hot milk, liquid chocolate and their famous chocolate truffle placed at the bottom of your cup for extra sweetness. This is the perfect cup to warm you up on a cold winter’s day.


Melt Bakery

Melts our heart every time! Melt Bakery has the ice cream sandwich game down to an art. Each component could stand powerfully on it’s own but when these cookies meet ice cream, they have truly met their match. You can’t go wrong when choosing one of their eight flavors… but our personal favorite is the Classic. Even in the dead of winter, we all scream for ice cream!


Billy’s Bakery

Oh, Billy. You sure know a way into our hearts. Everything at Billy’s Bakery, located in Chelsea, tastes like it’s straight out of your grandma’s kitchen! From the second you walk into the bakery, you smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked goods made with love and butter. Our personal favorite is their mouth watering butter bourbon pecan pie. We recommend you get two slices as one wont make it to the end of the block.


Dough Doughnuts

If Dough Doughnuts had a location in Springfield, Homer Simpson would be their number one customer. Dough doughnuts are made in fresh batches daily and their flavors range from Chocolate Salted Caramel to Mocha-Almond Crunch. The doughnuts are large in size and bold in flavor and will make this holiday season that much sweeter. Flavor featured in photo: Mocha-Almond Crunch.


Nutella Bar at Eataly

We’re nuts for Nutella! Going to the Nutella bar at Eataly is sweet everyday but around holiday time, it’s that much sweeter. Be prepared to transport yourself into a chocolate lover’s wonderland. As soon as you walk through the doors, your taste buds are hit with the aromatics of freshly baked waffles, hand-crafted crepes and copious amounts of Nutella chocolate. It really is that magical!


Levain Bakery

If you’ve walked north on the Upper West Side, chances are that you have seen the long lines wrapping around the block for Levain Bakery’s famous cookies. These gooey clouds of joy come in an assortment of flavors with each one being more delicious than the next. The small storefront is filled with hungry New Yorkers and visitors waiting to raise their sugar levels. We recommend Chocolate Chip Walnut, Dark Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.


Cookie DŌ NYC

Do you remember when you were a little kid and your mom would bake fresh cookies? We used to steal the bowl of raw cookie dough and hide in the basement eating our way to happiness. For addicts like us, Cookie DŌ NYC is that childhood joy without the overbearing mother. This cookie dough is completely edible, safe to eat and comes in perfectly irresistible flavors. For the holidays, DŌ features seasonal inspired flavors. Be sure not to miss Peppermint Brownie, Holiday Cake Batter and Winter WonDŌland! Whether you eat these cookies raw or baked, they are sure to ignite that holiday joy and transport you back to your mom’s kitchen!


Russ & Daughters Bubka

Russ and his daughters clearly had the world’s best Bubbie. Her Babka is simply a slice of old country goodness that should be savored and enjoyed whenever possible. The swirls of fresh sweet chocolate, baked into the flakey pastry tastes as good as 8 days of presents. Yes, we know that Russ is known for his Lox but we think they should be known for their Babka as well. There is no better way to finish off a meal than stuffing yourself to the brim with Seinfeld’s favorite treat.


Magnolia Bakery

You can’t go wrong with a classic! Magnolia Bakery’s world famous Banana Pudding will always be one of our favorite sweet treats. This pudding is packed with layers of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas and creamy vanilla pudding. Be forewarned, this tub of joy is addictive, so grab your swimsuits and dive right into their largest size. We recommend ordering two large puddings – one for you and one for your guests. In addition to this classic flavor, Magnolia Bakery also offers their famous pudding in chocolate with Oreo wafers. So light up a fire, turn on some Nat King Cole and take a sleigh ride through tasteville with Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding.


Fat Witch Bakery

There is no need to be scared of this witch…in fact, you should invite her in and ask her to bake some brownies for you. Fat Witch brownies come in 10 different flavors ranging from the Fat Witch Original, your classic chocolate brownie, to the Emerald City Witch, featuring mint chips for some extra holiday cheer. Each member of the covenant is more wickedly delicious than the last. No matter which Witches brownie you pick, you will be under her spell.


About the authors + photographers: Arts and Food NYC is created by Dayna Bloom and Brian Lee, two hungry Canadian kids who followed the breadcrumbs from Toronto to NYC. Armed with an ever increasing appetite, Arts and Food NYC chronicles their exciting food journey to becoming true New Yorkers. It is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to feel like Carrie Bradshaw, Woody Allen or Jerry Seinfeld.  Featuring an extensive food blog and Instagram, Arts and Food NYC has the perfect recommendations for every type of foodie!


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