Tubing Beats Skiing In Mountain Creek, New Jersey

unnamedOkay, let’s talk openly for a minute: what is your thing that you just don’t enjoy, that you feel like most everyone in the world is totally into?  My mom absolutely detests graduation ceremonies (too bad she had 4 kids!), my husband practically breaks out in hives if I suggest going to an Irish pub, and my girlfriend Michelle hates any and all sweets (seriously, who hates sweets?!)

And me?  My thing is skiing.  Now–I’ve tried skiing a handful of times over my life, and as much as I think I should like it (it’s a lifetime hobby! such good exercise! great for winter getaways!), none of these reasons are enough to convince me that I do, and at 32, I have accepted that I don’t–probably never will–and that’s totally okay.

Besides being all self-accepting, it’s also okay because there’s an alternative winter “sport” that I do enjoy: tubing!  So when the fam got together last weekend for a quickie day trip to the mountain, I hiked up my boots and got ready to tube!  Here’s a little video.  You guys proud of my ability to multi-task?;-)

unnamed-1While it may be too late in the season to enjoy much slope time/tubing this year, make sure to clear some weekends for the 2015/2016 season!

unnamed-2 unnamed-3Mountain Creek, New Jersey, is an hour north of NYC, easily accessible by car, or also Snow Buses right from the city!  Seriously perfect for a day trip.  Another bonus: at $25 for a 2 hour session, tubing is decidedly cheaper than skiing, too.  Just saying;-)

Have you taken any seasonal getaways lately?  Share below (as well as the thing you hate that everyone else loves!;-)


  • Lydia says:

    Oh nice! I’ve not skied but I’ve snowboarded a fair few times and let’s just say I’m not a natural! So this looks like a much saner option… definitely something I’ll be looking into next year 🙂
    Lydia recently posted..…snuck into a Pizza SpeakeasyMy Profile

    • Used York City says:

      Oh my, with as hard a time as I have staying up on the skies I’d imagine I’d be quite horrible at snowboarding!;-) Kudos to you!!!

  • Agness says:

    Perfect place not only for skiing, but also to do a quick workout in the snow 🙂
    Agness recently posted..5 Tips to resist chocolate temptationMy Profile

  • Tamara says:

    Hates..sweets?? I guess she’s lucky!
    Regarding graduations, I’m one of five close together in age, and for awhile there, my parents had a graduation a year! 8th grade, high school, college… so tough!
    I’m so with you! I can’t ski!! I just can’t. I love tubing, although I do get scared. I can’t help myself.
    And I’m from New Jersey and have spent lots of time at Mountain Creek!
    Tamara recently posted..What I Want You To Know.My Profile

    • Used York City says:

      High five to Jersey! It’s such a fun and easy trip–if you have any other Jersey spots you’d recommend for day/weekend trips, please share! Always on the lookout for quickie getaways!:-)

  • Sarah says:

    I don’t like watching football or baseball… which is totally un-American, and now I’ll probably get deported.
    Sarah recently posted..Slam Dunk for PodunkMy Profile

    • Used York City says:

      Back to Australia you go, Sarah!;-) (hehe, anytime sports come on the tellie I’m scrambling to another room as fast as I can, too–just no interest!)

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