Updating Your NYC Apartment For Autumn!


When the days start getting colder and the nights start getting shorter, it’s inevitable that we will all spend more time indoors! Just as we all update our wardrobe for the winter months, being inside more means we turn our attention to the interior of our home and start to think about updating our living space in time for autumn and winter.

There are so many ways in which to update your apartment (yes, that are rental friendly!), whether you’re on a tight budget or willing to spend in order to make some big changes! From repainting to simply purchasing new cushions, there are plenty things you can do to get the most out of the rooms.


The bedroom is a great place to start updating your home – after all, those colder mornings will mean wanting to spend a little longer in bed! Think about your current scheme and update in-line with what you already have to keep it cheap. If you have a mostly neutral space, you can keep it neutral and just revolve your accessories in order to freshen up the space in line with the seasons. Your duvet cover is a great place to start and can really make the difference to the color scheme of the room. Introduce colors such as burgundy, evergreen, toffee or plum to make the room look cozier and keep you feeling snug for the season. Add cushions, blankets for your bed, or new curtains to keep the color scheme uniform and quickly add splashes of color to the room. Depending on how bold you’re feeling or if you have the time, you could easily create a feature wall in the room that could be decorated over later. If covering the entire wall in paint or wallpaper is too bold, you could also use stencils to achieve the desired effect with less of a dramatic change. Also consider adding candles featuring warm scents (cinnamon, apple, tuberose), and a dimmer for your light switch to add a moody effect.


As the kitchen is the heart of the home, this is probably where you will be spending a lot of your time, especially if you have lots of friends and family that like to come round. With less soft furnishings, the kitchen tends to be more difficult to update – but it doesn’t have to be! Injecting a splash of color into the kitchen is easy when you think about the smallest details such as tea towels, oven gloves and accessories. Coordinating kettles and toasters come in so many different colors these days that it’s easy to choose one that’s perfect for what you need. You can add larger additions to the space that will add a nice homely touch, such as an oak wine rack for all your favorite wines or a dresser to display all your best crockery. Functional pieces like this are a great way to keep the room looking stylish, while serving as storage. They will work well for the holiday season, displaying things decoratively, or even if you just enjoy hosting lots of dinner parties!

Living Room

Your living room couldn’t be easier to update as there are so many homeware shops that have dedicated spaces for accessories that are perfect for your home. Lots of people like to create a theme in their living room – this is the perfect way to create a unique space. You could decorate along themes such as vintage, beach, 60’s modern, or zen to create a space reflecting of your personality and one that you can relax in. If you need a bigger change to your space, consider accessorizing your sofa with blankets and throw pillows that evoke a sense of coziness for the cold season ahead. A rug is another great way to introduce some warmth to your living room and can be an inexpensive and simple way to seasonalize the space!

Whatever updates you go for, there is always a simple way to update your space easily and cheaply.

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