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While we at UsedYorkCity mostly write about NYC, because it’s what we know best, we are starting a new column where we reach out to people in cities around the world and find out what inspires them, and how they use their city, every single day.

First up is Kristen, an anthropology graduate student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Welcome to the blog, Kristen!

City Guide: Fort Collins, Colorado

How would you describe Fort Collins to someone who has never been?

The mecca of everything outdoorsy.  Dressing up means hiking boots, jeans, a beanie, and a flannel…tucked in.  Dogs can go everywhere people can go.  A girl in my grad school class actually brings her pooch to class with her.  Oh, and if you feel like you’re walking through Disney World in downtown FoCo’s (Fort Collins to the locals) old town, you’re not crazy.  Walt Disney actually designed Florida’s light display after a visit to our city.


What are three words that define Fort Collins?

Flannel, beards, beer.

What makes someone a Fort Collinian?

You are a craft beer snob.

What is the one For Collins clothing essential?

Hiking boots.

Somewhere super touristy you still like to visit?

Rocky Mountain National Park.


What’s the best way to get around the city? Bike, bus, car…

A total bike friendly city.

What is your city’s philosophy?

Every day is full of sunshine, so we take advantage of that and play as much (more?) than we work.

Describe an ideal day in Fort Collins.

Outdoors, always.  Pack your dog, tent, kids, and a 6 pack of craft beer and hike and camp in the mountains outside of the city.

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What hotel do you recommend to visiting friends?

Everyone here has a couch to crash on, no hotels necessary. 

What is your favorite place for…

A date night: Packing a picnic and hiking to Horsetooth.  Or a night at the drive in movie theater.  Way cheaper than normal theaters, and great for snuggling.

A dinner with friends: Pickle Barrel 

Working: Alley Cat Coffee House

People watching: City Park

Shopping: REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated)

Your coffee shop: Alley Cat Coffee House, it’s open 24/7.  Order their Red Eye Cat…chai tea with espresso in it that tastes like a gingerbread cookie.  Amazeballs.

Your local bar: The Mayor, they have over 100 beers on tap and the best pretzel you’ll ever eat in your entire life.  Or for a classy bar, check out The Social.  It’s quiet and everyone is dressed in 1920’s garb.  A delicious dirty gin martini to boot.  Oh, and a lavender sour.  Bliss.

Your park: City Park, or Edora which has a frisbee golf course (yes, that’s a real thing), baseball fields, skate park, indoor ice-rink and swimming pools.

Describe your perfect Fort Collins weekend…

A backpacking adventure followed by a Bronco Sunday.

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What is one souvenir to bring back from Fort Collins? 

La Folie beer.  It’s sour and a local delight.

Okay, now some really hard questions…

Skiing or sledding? Skiing

Hiking or snowshoeing? Both equally amazing, just depends on the season.


Wool or down jackets? Down, but layers and layers of fleece underneath.


Booze or (legal) marijuana? Booze.  But I’m not a pot smoker so maybe not the best person to ask this question;-)

Winter or summer? Every season has it’s perks, impossible to choose.

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