Used York City Is Featured On HotelsCheap!

20121201-082745We were thrilled to sit down with HotelsCheap for an interview, where I shared my very favorite things about NYC for both tourists and locals.

Now, I don’t want to give it all away, but one thing I enjoyed chatting about was how running Used York City has changed my relationship with NYC.  Here’s what I said:

It just boils down to spending time doing the things I actually love. For example, when I first started the blog and opportunities would come my way, I’d say yes to everything: “concert? sure! fundraising event? why not! gallery opening? I’ll be there!”  The website has taught me you don’t have to do and love everything; time is better spent digging deeper into the things you really enjoy. So instead of saying yes to 3 random events around the city, I’ll spend my time seeing a show and then going into a deep discussion about the show afterwards while trying a new restaurant. I think this is important because it brings the focus back on inspiration. With the precious hours that we have to ourselves, why not spend them doing something that inspires us and makes us happy?

For the full interview, click on over here!  Thanks so much for having me, HotelsCheap!



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