UYC’s Book Club: Heart Of The City


I love a good NYC love story.  So when I heard about Ariel Sabar’s book, Heart of the City, which features the true stories of nine couples who found love because they found New York City first, I knew it had to have a place in our #UYCBookClub.

With love stories ranging from the 1940’s to present day, the book highlights chance encounters of couples whose sole matchmaker were the public spaces in the City of New York.  From Central Park to the MET to Grand Central Station to Times Square, the novel takes you all over the city, falling in love with the couples almost as much as New York itself.  If you love New York, you’ll love this book because it shows the possibility that is at our fingertips every single day.  As one of the woman in the book says:

I really believe life is very accidental.  If you wait a second one way or another, your entire life is different.  The fact that Bob and I met in this place (the MET), that our paths just intersected, made all the difference.  When I saw him, it was a moment of recognition.  It was like everything in life was revealed in this one moment.

Would love to know…did you meet your better half by chance in this big, bustling city?  Would love to hear your story in the comments below!

p.s. next month’s read is Augusten Burrough’s You Better Not Cry.  Look forward to discussing with you, xo!