UYC’s Kitchen: Gluten-Free Raw Avocado Cheesecake


When you think of foods associated with New York you immediately think of all the classics: hot dogs, a slice of pizza and my absolute favorite…cheesecake. But what happens if you’re gluten free? We should still be able to enjoy this city staple, which is why I created our GF Raw Avocado Cheesecake. Just trust me on this one and give it a chance, it tastes amazing and what’s even better, for a dessert this is actually surprisingly good for you!


I have a full blown avocado addiction, I put them in absolutely everything, so it was only a matter of time before I attempted a pudding, and thank god we did, this even nails the ‘crunchy biscuit base’ that’s vital to any cheesecake without an actual biscuit base whilst the avocado topping is creamy and sweet. Did you know you don’t need to fill a dessert with unnecessary sugars, you can get enough sweetness from natural sugars like honey and dates?  True story, folks.

What you’ll need:

For the base
– 250g of salted peanuts
– large handful of dates
– desiccated coconut
– honey

For the topping
– 4 avocados
– 300g cream cheese
– honey to sweeten
– juice and rind of one lemon
– dash of vanilla extract

What you’ll need to do:

– To make the base add all your ingredients into your food processor and blitz away until you reach your desired consistency. I like it to still remain a bit chunky so just keep slowly blitzing it, no more than 3 minutes

– Then you want to transfer this into your cake tin (I smear coconut oil around instead of butter)

– Press the mixture down firmly and then leave to set in the fridge whilst you make your topping

– For the topping you want to slice and obviously destine your avocados and then blend with the cream cheese and honey and vanilla extract in the mixer

– Add more honey until it is sweet enough for you, then spread your topping smoothly over your base

– Once this is spread out as evenly as possible, place in the fridge for a few hours before it’s ready to eat

– Take out. Cut up and most importantly, enjoy…!


Who’d have thought making a dessert like this can be so simple and so tasty? Now you just need to try it and see for yourself, eating sweet treats no longer has to be bad for you. This is the perfect definition of this! It’s light, it’s healthy and it tastes so good you’ll think it’s bad. What’s more it’s a pretty unique take on an old favorite but I think it might quickly become your new favorite.  What do you think?

By: Charlotte Revill


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