Why All-Inclusive Vacations Are Exactly What New Yorkers Need

Taking a break from those long tiring days at work seems like a wonderful idea. Perhaps floating in sky-blue water framed with a white sand beach could take your mind off those seemingly endless tasks at work? Thinking about a vacation is not the same thing as taking one, though, and sometimes even the thought of planning a break can be exhausting. Faced with the endless amount of choices and the daunting task of organizing all the different parts, it’s easier sometimes just to give up. In New York, we are lucky that we have a huge, affordable selection of summer deals for all-inclusive vacations. If you’re on the fence of whether an all-inclusive vacation is for you, let us give you a few reasons why it’s worth considering:


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Money Saving

Booking flights and hotel accommodation independently can be expensive, and even then you are still stuck with the tasks (and subsequent costs!) of figuring out restaurants to eat at, booking taxis and planning activities on top of that. Each little piece can add up. With an all-inclusive vacation, most of those individual items are included in one price (including all the adult beverages, which can add up very quickly if you were to pay out of pocket!) To make things even better, most resort destinations have many airlines flying to them and numerous hotels; this means a lot of competition and better prices for you.

Less stress, more focus on relaxing

Once you can get past choosing where to vacation, you then have to start researching hotels and airline flights, but with an all-inclusive vacation really all you need to know is when you want to go and what color sand you want on the beach! With a typical vacation you can spend hours and hours just trying to find the best price for the airline ticket and the best priced airline ticket may not correspond with the best price for the hotel you are considering. It doesn’t even end there! You will still need to find the best way from the airport to the hotel and a different company for each of the different activities you would like to participate in. By going all-inclusive, each of these details will be taken care of when you book, including your airport transfer and any activities you may want to sign up for. 

Stroll from breakfast to beach in a heartbeat

Most modern resorts are focused on ensuring that your holiday is all about relaxing. When you wake up in the morning, you will be able to get a coffee and have some breakfast without even having to order and wait for it. Many resorts offer luxurious beach beds with bar service, so once you’ve strolled down from your breakfast table to the beach you don’t even have to leave again until lunchtime. Most types of activities, from parasailing to tours of the countryside, happen on a regular basis so you won’t have to plan your day around it unless you want to. Really you can just read a book, sip on a drink and not think about anything else. If socializing is important, most resorts have bars where you can meet people and dance the warm night away. The last thing on your mind is going to be your work. 


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If you are sitting at your desk dreading the thought of planning a vacation, forget about it. Start looking into a summer deal on an all-inclusive and your vacation will be planned before you finish eating your sandwich!


About the Author: This is a guest post written by Ellie Smits, a lifestyle writer focusing on spas, nutrition, and lifestyle stories. 



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