Why New Yorkers Should Visit Turkey

There are many reasons to visit Turkey, and anyone who has been will try to explain how amazing their trip was. The culture, cuisine and places to visit really need to be experienced as descriptions simply don’t do them justice. Read on for a little taste of what you can expect.

Must-See Sites

Turkey has been described as an ‘open air museum’ because there are just so many things to discover throughout the country. While the coastal resorts tend to have a modern feel, the further inland you travel you will be greeted by hilltop fortresses and delicate, remote churches just waiting to be explored.

Ancient cities such as Aphrodisias, which dates back to 5000BC, and Harput which dates back to 2000BC, have survived to give you an insight into a world that existed long ago.

Visiting Topkapi Palace will give you a peek into the exotic world of the sultans, where you will be dazzled by the opulence and decadence in which they lived.


The locals in Turkey are friendly and will make you feel very welcome in their country. Turkey is a traditional country that still observes many age-old native customs. If you get the chance to experience a celebration, such as a wedding or national holiday, then get involved as the Turks celebrate with a passion and enthusiasm that is often not found in other countries. Each region of Turkey also still has a traditional type of folk dance which they will perform during most celebrations. Maybe you’ll learn some new moves!

The Cuisine


Food in Turkey is exciting and exotic. A fantastic blend of Asian, European, African and Middle Eastern cuisine gives you flavors you probably haven’t tried before but will definitely want to try again. How do you like your breakfast eggs? In Turkey many people have them cooked in sautéed vegetables. At dinner it is usual to provide guests with a ‘meze’ – a platter of cold appetizers to choose from like meats and dips. When it comes to sweet treats, a traditional Turkish Baklava should definitely be on the dessert menu and you can’t leave without trying the authentic Turkish Delight.

You can’t visit Turkey and not try a cup of tea or Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is unique and specially stewed in a cezve. Even if you aren’t usually a coffee drinker it is well worth trying.

A Whole Host Of Activities


When you have a break from discovering the amazing history, Turkey offers some fantastic activities such as windsurfing, diving and rafting if you are water lover, or caving, mountain climbing and trekking if you prefer to keep you feet on dry land.

Turkey is a place to be discovered and explored, offering a different side to Europe than many people may be familiar with. The country’s amazing ruins have survived centuries and the blend of the different cultures and cuisines make a holiday in Turkey truly mesmerizing.

Have you visited Turkey?  What was your favorite part?  Share below!

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