Buffalo Exchange Offers New Yorkers Clean Closets + Cash

This past Sunday I set out on a mission to kill jumpstart two resolutions with one stone: de-clutter my closets and be a master budgeter.  My day went a little something like this:

Step 1: Throw everything I own out of the closets.  Seriously, I wish I would have snapped a photo of this catastrophe to share with you, but considering I was up to my knees in loafers, polos, and chihuahua attire (yes, my little man has his own wardrobe, too!), the iPhone wasn’t exactly accessible.  Apologies.  But use your imagination, and whatever disaster your envision, multiply times ten.  That was my apartment.

Step 2: Make the keep and giveaway piles.  I know lots of people recommend that third pile of “maybe”, but let’s be honest…how many times have you actually gone back into your closet and chosen a “maybe” to wear?  If it’s iffy, it’s time to let go.  Return all the “keeps” to your closet, and proceed to step three.

Step 3:  Sort by season.  Seeing as how we’re in the middle of winter, I folded and boxed up all my sundresses and snappy summer whites and stuck them on the top shelf of my closet.  They will be making a trip to the thrift store come April, but for now, I focused just on the current season’s attire, bagged it all up, and voila!  Here’s my winter wardrobe clutter:



Step 4: Recruit a friend to help carry, hop on the train, and head to Buffalo Exchange.  Sure, you’re going to be that annoying girl with all the bags, but considering the second goal of all this is budgeting, a cab just might not make sense.  Unless you can’t recruit a friend, in which case hail a cab and avoid being that annoying bag lady.  (Side note: trading lines can get lengthy on the weekends, so if possible, go during the weekdays before 5pm.)

Step 5: Trade clothes for cash or gift cards.  Buffalo Exchange accepts clothes that fit the current season, and also looks for certain items at certain times.  (Boots, chunky sweaters, and anything layerable are currently all the rage.)  They will give you 50% of whatever they will sell your item for back as store credit, or 30% for cash.  On my particular trip I scored $39.50.



Step 6: Take the rest of the clothes to Goodwill.  If you hit up the Chelsea Buffalo Exchange, there is a Goodwill a block away at 103 West 25th Street where you can drop the rest of your bags and get a tax slip in under a minute.



Step 7: With your hard earned cash, head to Trader Joe’s Wine Shop and pick up a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck.  Sure, it may be $3 in NYC, but you earned it for all your hard work!  Raise your glass in a toast to cleaning out your closet and being a rockstar budgeter in 2013!  Cheers!

What are your tips and tricks for keeping the closet clean and your wallet full of green?


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen



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