Italian Coffee Perfection At Tarallucci E Vino Cafe

I recently found myself in the East Village and exceptionally parched (it was one of those days that broke 90, and I somehow forgot that when you “luckily” stumble across a subway car with seats available, it means one of two things: an incredibly foul smell or no AC.  This time it was the latter, hence my dehydration and parched-ness.  But I digress.)



Anyhow…I needed an icy beverage of sorts, and fast, so I snuck into the first cafe I saw that wasn’t congested with bloggers on their laptops, Tarallucci E Vino Cafe.  The charming space has both outdoor and indoor seating, but is small enough to be considered intimate.  It’s the kind of place you would actually expect to stumble across in Italy, only adding to the charm.



Started in 2001 by Luca Di Pietro and Pepi Di Giacomo, the cafe focuses on producing delicious Italian coffee beverages and hand-made pastries.  I went with the iced coffee (so flavorful not a drop of sugar was needed, and that says a lot coming from a girl who has been known to frequently dump 6 sugar packets into her joe!), and the simple Italian lunch: the Urano panini, made with mozzarella, olive spread, tomato and basil.  Perfecto!  And to answer the question I know is plaguing all your minds: was the coffee shop worth riding in a subway car with no AC for 20 minutes?  It absolutely was.



I’d suggest you visit Tarallucci E Vino Cafe if:

-You love Italian coffee and pastries, and dig that cute Italian bistro feel.

-You’re on a date, and looking for a cafe with a touch of rustic romance (and yes, they do have a fabulous selection of Italian wines!)


WHERE: Tarallucci E Vino Cafe
163 1st Avenue
New York, New York
Ph: 212.388.1190


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By: Jessica Tiare Bowen




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