Exploring My New York: Art, Architecture And Appetizers

New York is not just a place; it’s an experience, and a unique one at that. In fact, the New York experience is unique to everyone here, tourist or resident. My New York is an upscale city full of personality, color, and beautiful architecture. Here are some of the activities I like to do to remind myself of the wonder of New York City.

Visit a Gallery

People come to New York to make their dreams come true. They want to be dancers, artists, musicians. They want a bustling business life. Everyone wants something slightly different, and New York has the ability to make and break all of those dreams. I like to see other people fulfilling their dreams. So I visit galleries with up-and-coming artists. Sometimes the art is wonderful. Sometimes it’s not my style. Sometimes I don’t think it can be called art. But I always come away with an understanding of another person in the giant city I call home.

Attend an Open House

New York architecture is infamous for a good reason. Even the apartment buildings in some areas are uniquely designed and awe-inspiring. Even though I’m not actively looking for a home, I like to attend open houses of luxury properties. They’re free, they give me ideas for décor, and they’re a great opportunity for low-key socializing. I get an inside look at some great architectural designs, and real estate agents often know quirky facts about buildings and neighborhoods. It’s a great way to get to know hidden details of the city I love.

Try New Food

If New York isn’t the birthplace of invention, I don’t know where it is. From the Cronut® to Waldorf salads to New York Cheescake, a lot of good food has come out of this city. At the heart of innovation are those learning the trade, so I like to eat at L’ecole to experience an upscale meal at the hands of the International Culinary Arts School Students. The students are graded on their food, presentation, and service, so you’re likely to get the meal done perfectly by the book. This is high-class food at mid-range prices, which is always a win in my book. It makes it affordable to try new daunting dishes, without the risk of spending a lot on something you dislike.

Food, art, architecture- there are a lot of other beautiful aspects to this city, but these are my favorite NYC activities.

Where do you like to go to experience the heart of your New York? Share in the comments, or Tweet your answers to @TobyLancaster32.


By: Toby Lancaster

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17 Comments on “Exploring My New York: Art, Architecture And Appetizers

  1. You are making me want to move to NYC. And I want to live in that home you pictured. I especially like that you visit the exhibitions of rising artists, even if they might not suit your taste. It’s great that you support them, and who knows, you may discover that you like something after all.
    Michele {Malaysian Meanders} recently posted..Running Around Beijing’s Olympic GreenMy Profile

    • Exactly! It’s a great way to support the artistic community, and meet others that are also interested in the arts!

  2. Why didn’t I ever think to attend open houses when I was living there?! Such a great idea! I love L’ecole, too. Surprisingly, there was a branch in Shanghai and the service was about the best you’ll find on the Chinese mainland!
    Heather recently posted..Exploring the Cultural Quirks of JapanMy Profile

    • Oh that’s awesome, Heather! Good service is such a pleasure to find, whether when traveling or at home!

    • Great way to get a local’s perspective on the city!

    • And it’s so much fun to see people’s decorating styles!

  3. It’s been more than a decade since I visited NYC. It’s time to head back soon to at least try and catch up with what I’ve missed.

    • Absolutely, it’s a great place to enjoy new food and get inspired for your own cooking!

    • Mike, eating good food is definitely useful in learning to cook! It always inspires me to try new recipes.