5 NYC Foodie Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

There is always Yelp to help you find a restaurant and of course an inordinate amount of reviews to sift through, but why not look at beautifully filtered foodie photos and quick snippet reviews on Instagram?

Here are 5 NYC based accounts that talk about the NYC food scene in carefully curated photos and hashtags, not to mention a glimpse into their lively social life.


Anyone who is “eating their way through NYC” is definitely worth a follow. With up to 2 drool-worthy posts a day on a different meal at a different NY place, EatingNYC earns his/her name. Each picture is marked with the appropriate name of the restaurant or name with a quick “love” or “yum!” quotation.


This girl has quite the social life in NYC. Her pictures may not be expertly photographed, but her descriptions and itineraries of where she goes are worth knowing about, especially when it comes to bars and clubs.


Another ‘gramer who eats her way through NYC, and get this, she cooks too! Her account is an extension of her blog with the same name where she writes about the best restaurants and bakeries in NYC.


This is two girls on a mission to document their foodie lives with an emphasis on fast food, snacks and yummy treats. With over 27,000 followers, they are on to something as they showcase their findings in NYC.


Here is foodie goodness with a side of travel, because every New Yorker loves to travel often (and of course, eat well). Pictures are a mix of cooking, restaurant meals and regrams by anyone who uses the hashtag #NYCFAT (no pun intended!) A great way to get on the Instagram fame train!

What are some foodie accounts that you follow?  Share below!


About the Author: Jas Banwait is a social media and marketing consultant currently working with an NYC food startup called Kitchen Stadium.





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