Intermission: Such Nice Shoes


Last week I had the opportunity to preview TheaterLab’s latest production, Such Nice Shoes.  Written and performed by Christine Renee Miller, it follows an actress-slash-yoga teacher through a typical day in the city, and—well, how else can I put this except to say that the day kicks her ass in ways that will resonate with anyone who’s ever lived in New York for more than a week.   

As someone who’s been living here for almost 10 years—not to mention someone who sometimes shakes with rage when the subway stops moving inexplicably—I loved it.   


Yes, that’s definitely one of the big draws of the production.  Miller does a wonderful job of illustrating the rawness of day-to-day life in New York, and of showing how it can be both defeating and inspiring at the same time.  What I liked even more about the show though is that interwoven into this backdrop of New York City ass-kicking are some pretty heavy moments that everyone can appreciate.  Without giving away too much of the plot, let’s just say it’s not your stereotypical cookie-cutter portrayal of life in the city.  It goes much deeper than that.

Miller herself is incredible playing all the unique personalities her main character encounters throughout the course of the day.  From a young subway acrobat to her upper crust yoga clients to her Korean mother—she nails them all.  Not only that—she somehow manages to play herself interacting with them at the same time, without missing a beat.  This show relies entirely on good acting, and she is one talented actress.


Unfortunately, there’s only a limited amount of time left to see the show.  Less than a week, to be precise—the final performance is this coming Saturday, October 22.  For those who want to catch it before it ends, the production starts at 8 pm, and tickets for Thursday through Saturday can be purchased on the TheaterLab website.   

Again, I highly recommend it if you have the chance.  It’s a gem in very much the same way as all the little things about New York City it portrays.

By: Reagan Daly, follow along with her NYC adventures here!

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