New Yorker Moments


{stumbling upon this colorful street in chinatown} Running the blog, I feel lucky in that I often feel like a tourist in my own city.  This week I was on a museum tour with people from France, Germany, California…even Kansas!  A nice reminder that you can live in a place for a really long time […]

New Yorker Moments: One Year


Last week Mr. P and I celebrated our 1st anniversary of being very married!  Seriously, where does the time go?! I mentioned to him that as an anniversary gift (because 1st year = paper, right?), I’d like to make a tradition of taking photos each July 7th.  Ya know, kind of like how some families […]

New Yorker Moments


{lunch dates at shake shack are the best} Happy 4th of July!  It’s long been my favorite holiday…probably something to do with all. that. SUNSHINE!  Oh, and the grilling, fireworks, and festive gatherings aren’t so bad, either;-)  We’ll be having a quiet weekend in the city (I say quiet because it always feels like half […]

My NYC Summer To-Do List Summer

Since summer is now in full swing (last day of NYC public schools was yesterday!), I put together my top 10 NYC activities I would love to accomplish before Labor Day, all things I haven’t yet experienced in my 9 years of living here.  As they get ticked off, I’ll be sure to share the […]

New Yorker Moments


{greatest thing to read on my way to work} So in BIGGEST New York City news…a Nutella bar opened in Eatly this week!!!  Yes, ladies and gents, a Nutella bar.  Serving up anything and everything one could think of with our favorite hazelnut spread.  This is too important NOT to have an entire post of […]

New Yorker Moments

Bermuda by

Sunshine!  Flowers!  The return of trench coats and ballet flats!  (Can you tell someone is a little bit happy about spring finally making it’s gorgeous appearance in the Big Apple?) To kick things off we traveled to Bermuda for the long Easter weekend, an amazing little paradise and less than a 2 hour flight from […]

New Yorker Moments

{weekend getaway to long island’s oheka castle} Maybe because it’s a month without any proper long weekends or vacations (my inner-school marm is coming out), or maybe it’s because the longer days and sunlight gives the illusion that it SHOULD be light-jacket-wearing spring (which any New Yorkers can definitely attest a resounding no to), but […]

New Yorker Moments: So You Wanna Wear Your Wedding Dress Twice…

Let’s call a spade a spade: I wanted an excuse to wear my wedding dress twice.  (Kidding!)  But seriously, having a secret elopement on a rooftop in NYC with only our chihuahua and parents, and then keeping it hush-hush for 5 whole months (ekkk!), and surprising our guests with the video of our ceremony at […]

New Yorker Moments

What a month!  We kicked off 2014 touring Southeast Asia on our honeymoon, which the hubby managed to keep a secret until we arrived at JFK to the gate for Singapore.  For an over-planner like me, this was seriously the best idea ever, because I didn’t have to organize, stress, or think about a thing […]

New Yorker Moments: Small Traditions

I’ve been reading a lot of New Year’s resolutions on various blogs this month (so inspiring!), so wanted to share my simple resolution intention for 2014. Make meaningful, small traditions. Growing up, traditions were always huge in my house: from big ones like sitting on the hearth with my sisters every Christmas morning in our […]

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